Children growing up in homes with many books get 3 years more schooling than children from bookless homes, independent of their parents' education, occupation and class.
Why We Exist

The Four Pillars of The Scribe’s Institute

Our method for reducing the achievement gap can be best understood through our 4 pillars of “why” we exist.

Child Literacy -We exist to promote literacy in children of color beginning at birth through ten years of age. Our goal is to prepare children to thrive in the world market by strengthening their reading and writing skills, helping them to improve in all other
subjects. We offer children the hope of success as professional authors, ghostwriters, screenwriters, songwriters and lyricists, speechwriters, preparing them to succeed in any area of their choice. Our flagship program is Young Scribes Literary Program.

Child Advocacy -Everyday children of color are disproportionately and unjustly suspended and expelled from school. Forceful use of police officers in schools; commonly referred to as SRO’s (School Resource Officers) use unnecessary force and
sometimes abuse their powers in dealing with matters that principals and head security officers should handle. These children are often arrested and filtered into the penal system at early ages, leaving them with little hope for a vibrant future. Our goal is to fight for their rights, making the public aware of these injustices and asking our elected officials local, state, and federal to speak to this problem thus helping to end the school-to-prison pipeline. We also advocate for better resources and civil justice for

Veteran Support -We love our United States Military and are thankful for all they do to serve our great nation. Thousands of
veterans return from deployment in need of services. Having been exposed to traumatic circumstances while serving many
veterans needs someone to listen to them. The Scribe’s Institute provides support to veterans through a specially designed
Writing Therapy For Veterans© designed by Dr. Aaron Lewis. This writing therapy is therapeutic, in that, it gives our veterans a platform to be heard. Our goal is that this therapy will help dramatically reduce the number of suicides among veterans.

School Adoption -There are many schools in need. Some need supplies and updated curriculum. Other schools need better
marketing to increase student enrollment. Some schools need to create better parent/teacher relationships. Through our school adoption program we establish relationships with select schools to help support them in their quest of helping our children