87% of students who reported reading for fun on their own time once a month or more performed at the Proficient level, while students who never or hardly ever read for fun performed at the Basic level. Students who read for fun every day scored the highest.
About Us

Who we are?

The Scribe’s Institute is a non-profit organization fully dedicated to reducing the achievement gap in minority children and
disenfranchised peoples through our forthright approach to strengthening literacy skills.

What is the achievement gap?

The achievement gap is the unrelenting disparity in academic achievement between minority and disadvantaged students and their white counterparts. Distinguished Professor of Social Psychology Dr. Richard Nisbitt, has rightly noted that “[t]he most
relevant studies provide no evidence of the genetic superiority of either race but strong evidence for substantial environmental contributions to the IQ gap between blacks and whites.” The issue here is not inherent ability but rather the opportunity to learn, and limited access to the right literary tools— that underlies the achievement gap. This “gap” is most commonly defined in terms of the black-white divide and increasingly more so the Hispanic-white divide. It is also defined by socio-economic status.

Has anything been done?

There are multiple programs that have been instituted to address the problems with minority children and disenfranchised people with regard to learning, literacy, and succeeding both in college and in the global free market. Many of the programs have not succeeded as this problem continues to persist.

Is there a solution?

We believe that there are many solutions to this problem. We do not claim to have all of these solutions. However, we do have a solution that will help to reduce and possibly eliminate future problems in the areas of education and achievement. Our solution is simple: START EARLY WITH THE BASICS. The basics of all learning and achievements begin with reading and writing
proficiency. The earlier that a child can read and write well, the more heightened the chances that child will become successful in life. While the existing educational system does play a very important role in this process, the truth still remains that this
“achievement gap” exists long before the child ever enters into Pre-Kindergarten. This is why our model insists on reaching
children from near birth with educationally stimulating resources giving them a genuine head start in life and following through to their early teen years. The earlier a child can read the earlier a child will lead. Our objective—turning children into lifelong
learners and leaders.