85 percent of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate.

First, allow me to express how grateful we are for your willingness to contribute to The Scribe’s Institute, Inc. and giving back. We want you to know that your gift goes far beyond the work that we are doing now with promoting literacy and ensuring equal access for children in the City of Hartford. Your gift changes our world, insofar as it gives opportunity to participate in the arduous task of helping to level the playing field and helping to provide equal access for all people, especially the disenfranchised.  You gift helps to strengthen literacy by providing ongoing programs and services to children who need them most.

Your gift doesn’t stop there, but also helps schools throughout our city and county. Unfortunately there are some schools in some school districts that lack certain essential resources because of funding. Through our Adopt A School Program we help those schools by providing them with books, curriculum, resources, and also consulting on best practices that may need to be implanted to help their students shine.

We holdfast to the belief that education is the KEY. It opens so many doors. We believe that strong education helps to build strong companies and corporations, strong people and strong and vibrant communities. Your gift helps to make that possible.

Finally, but certainly not least, your gift goes to help our veterans. We could not say enough about how much our veterans have done for us in terms of protecting our freedoms and families both here and abroad. Their selfless sacrifice deserves our praise. More than that, all veterans deserve to be heard. They deserve that chance to speak their heart but are not often given the platform to do so. We help veterans to have that voice through our Veteran’s Writing Therapy program, which is a journaling process that helps them to work through certain challenges that may be hindering their forward progress. Our job is to help veterans to properly fill out forms to help them get the services they need and deserve. Ultimately our goal is to help as many veterans become fully matriculated back into society as citizens, gainfully and respectfully employed.

Your gift doesn’t stop there. But your gift continues to cycle in the lives of thousands of people who will be positively affected by the lives that we touch. So again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of our communities.

And just remember that your gift continues to change lives.